A Retirement Plan You Can Count On

Now more than ever, planning for your retirement is critical. Gone are the days when pensions and Social Security provided all of the income you needed for retirement. The new reality is that you are responsible for managing your own retirement, and that starts with making sure you're strategic in your planning.

Chris Brown and his team can help. At Northwestern Mutual, our approach to retirement planning is designed to help you get to—and through—retirement with a greater level of financial confidence, so you can relax knowing you have a roadmap to achieve your goals.

Start by considering how much to save for retirement, where to save it and how to protect the nest egg you're working so hard to build. Talk to Chris Brown about the strategies you can utilize in saving for retirement.

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Today's Retirement Planning

Many people are focused on saving a certain amount for retirement but don't think about what they're going to do with that money once they reach retirement—to make it last as long as they do. The strategies you use to get to retirement are not the same strategies you'll need to make sure your money lasts through retirement. This video looks at:

  • What happens after you accumulate your savings
  • How market volatility impacts your withdrawals
  • The tax ramifications of withdrawing from tax-deferred accounts

Trust Services

Trusts help you ensure that your assets are managed according to your wishes and pass to your beneficiaries intact. Trusts also can help you and your family carry out tax strategies to help you keep more of the assets that you have worked so hard to accumulate.

Northwestern Mutual as a Trustee

Northwestern Mutual can serve as trustee, co-trustee, or successor trustee for a wide range of situations where an individual trustee might not provide a similar level of service:

  • Investment management with a level of professionalism and expertise that few individuals can match.
  • Continuity of stewardship that can endure for generations.
  • Preserve family harmony when carrying out intentions that might be unappreciated by beneficiaries.
  • Detailed reporting and record-keeping:
  • Continuous management and supervision of investments
  • Regular reports of investment performance
  • Trust income fiduciary tax reporting
  • Annual summary of data for beneficiaries' tax preparers
  • Principal and income accounting

Learn more about Northwestern Mutual's trust services and how Chris Brown can help you.

Christopher W Brown, ChFC®, CLU®

Wealth Management Advisor

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